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Agenda of the 10th Forum on International Cultural Industries, 2013 New Year, China.

The 10th Forum on International Cultural Industries, 2013 New Year, China.

In building a cultural superpower, we need to focus on our nation’s cultural essence. When we discuss China’s cultural influence on the world, the core of that discussion must be the influence of China’s essence.

China's contemporary culture and the protection of its diverse cultural heritage have become some of the most talked about issues today. Cultural prosperity was put forward as an important objective of the Central Government's national development strategy last year.

Agenda of the 9th FICI

The 9th Forum on International Cultural Industries, 2012 New Year, China 7th-8th, Jan., 2012, Beijing

You can tell a new decade has truly arrived when experts and insiders from every field are busy making plans and ambitious predictions for the bright future of their industries. Indeed, in such a rapidly developing country as China, everything seems to have a good future in the next 10 years.

The 8th Forum on International Cultural Industries was held at Peking University on January 8th -9th, 2011. The forum is approved by Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, hosted by Peking University and operated by Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University.

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