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Peking University, set up in 1898, is the first Chinese comprehensive university. As one of the front-runners of Chinese universities and the leader of Chinese higher education, Peking University possesses very high reputation in China and abroad. During the last 100 years, Peking University has been the symbol of Chinese people struggling for democratic freedom and great renaissance. It is also the spiritual home which was yearned for by modern humanists and natural scientists. It has made significant contribution to the liberation and prospering of the nation, the construction and development of the country, the civilization and progress of the society. It is the pioneer and leader in the course that China steps into modernization and flourishing prosperity. Peking University not only belongs to China, but to the world and the human beings. The development of the Peking University is closely related to the fate of our country, the people and the world. At present, Peking University is hastening its steps to become the world 1st class university and trying to make historical contribution to the construction and development of the nation, and the harmonious progress of the world and human beings, which will make it live up to the hope of the predecessors.


Institute for Cultural Industries, Peking University was founded at the beginning of 1999. it is the trans-subject school-level institute which integrates related academic and teaching resources of Peking university , deepening the study on industry theory and policy, aiming to cultivate senior management elites, integrate industry, study and research, and push the development of Chinese cultural industries. In June 2002, the Innovation and Development Base of National Cultural Industry was set up via the authorization of the Cultural Ministry. After 10 years’ development, the institute completed more than 30 research projects affiliated to central governments, published lots of academic monographs, conducted more than 40 local cultural industry development plans, cultivated about 2000 experts in the field, and held lots of performances under the theme of “May Walk”.

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