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The Forum on International Cultural Industries (FICI) is initiated by Peking University and strongly supported by the Ministry of Culture and the State Administration of Press Publication Radio Film and Television. Since its establishment in 2003, FICI has been successfully held for 11 consecutive years. As a non-profit academic conference, FICI is designed to provide a high-level dialogue platform for government, enterprises, experts and scholars to discuss cultural industry economy, social culture construction and other related issues, thus contributing, with the sincerest public feelings, the most rigorous academic thinking and the most exciting innovation, to peace, wisdom and prosperity in China and the world at large.

The city of Chengdu, as one of the most famous historical and cultural cities in China, has its unique cultural resources and creativity from earliest times to the present day. Under a series of industrial policy supports from Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, contemporary Chengdu is implementing the strategy of "Strong Cultural City" comprehensively. After the approval from Sichuan Province government, Chengdu decides to host the “2014 Chengdu Creativity Design Week” activity this year from October 1st to 14th, in order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the document from the State Council "Several Opinions on Promoting the Fusion of Cultural Creativity and Design Services with other Related Industries”. This activity will become a magnificent high-level creative design event with characteristics of both demonstration and practice. Taking this great opportunity, Chengdu City is dedicated to promoting the development of cultural creativity, design services and other new, high-end service industries, and to boost the deep fusion of cultural creativity and design service entity economy, thus upgrading the economic transformation from “Made in Chengdu” to “Designed in Chengdu”.

The Forum on International Cultural Industries (FICI) in 2014 will be held in Chengdu City on October 11th, 2014. The theme of Chengdu Creativity & Design Week is "Be Creative, Be Better” and the main academic topic of this summit is set as "Culture and Life: Social Design and Public Creativity” to initiate the discussion on the opportunities for our cultural industries’ development brought by the formation of social society and focus on how to bring vitality into creative industry by improving the connotation and aesthetics in social life. We hope this new discussion of “exporting Chinese creativity” will widely and deeply benefit the future development of cultural industries in China.


List of Forum Themes (2003-2016):

The 1st FICI (2003) Chinese Cultural Industries under the Multi-Dimensional Perspectives

The 2nd FICI (2005) Competitiveness of Cultural Industries — the Eternal Topic among the Government, the Enterprises and the Academic Circle

The 3rd FICI (2006) Harmonious Society and Regional Cultural Industries

The 4th FICI (2007) Strategies for Cultural Industries and Innovations of the Development Pattern

The 5th FICI (2008) Cultural Innovations & Construction of Soft Power in the Age of Creativity

The 6th FICI (2009) 30 years of Reform and Opening-up — World Economy and Opportunities for Chinese Cultural Industries

The 7th FICI (2010) For the Memory of 60th Anniversary of Our Nation — Industrial Convergence and Cultural Rejuvenation under the Global Perspectives

The 8th FICI (2011) Prospects for 2020: A New Decade of Chinese Cultural Industries

The 9th FICI (2012) Culture Orientated: The New Development Strategy of the Nation

The 10th FICI (2013) Cultural Innovation Strategy: Creativity, Science and Technology

The 11th FICI (2014) The Power of Culture: Cultural Market and Reformation Dividend

The 12th FICI (2015) Cultural Strategy and Industrial Convergence

The 13th FICI (2016) Chinese Spirit and Cultural Creative

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