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Past Forums
The 8th Forum on International Cultural Industries, China

Time: 8th-9th, Jan., 2011

Theme: Prospects for 2020: A New Decade of Chinese Cultural Industries

Brief Introduction:

From the past ten-year’s development, Chinese cultural industries have grown from conceptualization to gradual maturity. The coming decade will be the ten years for its growing to be the national strategic industry, the ten years for its realization of self-development with the 12th Five-Year Blueprint as the basis, and also the ten years for the realization of the comprehensive construction of the well-off society by 2020. Strengthening the cultural construction, improving the cultural quality of the population and building the socialist core value system are the spiritual motivation and intellectual support for all-round realization of the well-off society. The forum of this year centers on several hot issues, including Cultural Sites Protection and Sustainable Development, National Heritage & International Vision,Integration of Publishing Industry in Digital Age,Subject Construction &Talent Training,Financial Policies & Industrial Rejuvenation,Park Construction & Industrial Motivation, Case Study:Brand Source & Management Approach, and so on. The forum has attached big public attention. Over 40 newspapers and televisions reported the event, including CCTV9, Guangming Daily, China Culture, China Youth, Economy Daily and Outlook Weekly.

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