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The 10th Forum on International Cultural Industries, China

Time:5th-6th, Jan., 2013

Theme:The Power of Culture: Social Design and Public Creativity

Brief Introduction:

Scientific and technological advancement boosts economic development, which, on the other hand, promote cultural prosperity. The cultural industry is non productive department and creative design as well as high and new technology are vital means of production for industries like cultural and creative industry which serve the domestic market. The concept - the blend of culture and technology - is the inevitable result of historical development. Under the condition of new mechanism, market and technology, practitioners in cultural industry should have progressive minds and make efforts to optimize the integration of culture and technology in order to create a favorable atmosphere for the development of the cultural and creative industry. The forum will focus on exploring how will cultural creativity and scientific and technological innovation, as two most significant pillar of the cultural industry, promote and make the cultural industry as the mainstay of the national economy in the process of the transformation under the new historical conditions.

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